Hartford Pond Volunteer Day to Benefit ImmaCare Men’s Shelter

Posted by tmaloney on February 02, 2022

Ever hear the phrase “Under-promise and Over-deliver”?

Well, the Hartford Pond committed to preparing and delivering 50-75 sandwiches to
the ImmaCare Men’s Shelter in Hartford. But through the generosity of so many
Ganders who donated their time, and local supermarkets who donated grocery
supplies, we ended up preparing 115 full lunches. 

The Pond’s officers did a terrific job organizing this event, sourcing loaves of bread, turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce, cookies, apples, snacks, paper lunch bags, zip lock bags, bottles of water, etc.

The officers were very successful in gathering local support including a huge
donation from the Drust Family of ShopRite who donated enough ingredients for our
volunteers to build all of the sandwiches. We are also grateful for additional
donations from Stew Leonard’s, Price Chopper Supermarkets, and Big Y World Class

Our Hartford Pond members have always given freely of their time and resources, and that was never more evident than seeing fifteen Ganders meet at the home of
Prism Specialties ERS ART TEX in Hartford where MLG Ron and PMLG Cristine Kern
set up a conference room for the sandwich assembly and the office entry to build
the lunches.

The conference room was buzzing with activity as our 15 Ganders split into four
teams to build cheese, ham, and turkey sandwiches from the donated deli, bread, and
lettuce. The sandwiches were placed in duly labeled paper bags by our fourth team, where they were whisked away to the entry and filled with an apple, snack, cookie, and a bottle of water. Here’s a shout out out to United Property Restoration Services
for donating the water for the lunches.

But today’s event was more than just preparing all those lunches. We also set up
three collection sites around the state (Prism Specialties ERS ART TEX in Hartford, United Property Restoration Services in Middlefield, and Servpro in Danbury) and
asked for member support in donating clothing items, household items, and
personal care items for the shelter. 

The lunches and collected items were delivered to ImmaCare in Hartford and the
Super 8 motel in Middletown where ImmaCare is supplying temporary shelter for the

The Pond also donated $500 to ImmaCare, through the
generosity of Mike Nardulli and our good friends at the
New York City Pond.

Thank you all to the wonderful volunteers who made this
day special and help so many people during these tough
times and cold temperatures. We could not have done all
of this without your support. 


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